brain injury

A work related head injury can be devastating.  If you lost consciousness, even briefly, because of a head injury at work, you may have a traumatic brain injury.  Many people experience mood changes, difficulty remembering things, increased anxiety, and sometimes severe headaches because of a concussion or blow to the head.  The effects of a brain injury can be devastating to a person and their family. If these symptoms don't go away, the effects on a person's life, career, and family will require specialized medical care and a lawyer who is familiar with the medical and psychiatric science behind understanding brain injuries.


Common brain injury treatments in a workers' compensation claim include:


  • Brain injury specialists
  • Neuropsychological testing
  • Psychologists familiar with treatment for cognitive disability
  • Psychiatrists familiar with treating PTSD
  • Pain management for migraine headaches
  • Occupational therapy for coping with memory loss


If you have experienced a brain injury, a settlement in your workers' compensation case can help you to support yourself and your family.




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