Kentucky Retirement System

Employees of state, county and some city governments in all manners of industry are covered under the Kentucky Retirement Systems. Please see a full list of participants in the Kentucky Retirement System here.  After five (5) years of service credits any employee who participates in one of these systems can be awarded disability retirement,  if the condition arose during the time he or she was an employee of an agency participating in the retirement systems and the employee is physically or mentally unable to perform the job they were performing for the agency.  If an employee participating in one of these systems is injured at work, or becomes disabled for other reasons, disability retirement from KRS should be considered as one of the options for early retirement due to disability.


The application process for KRS disability retirement involves submitting medical records to prove disability, an appeals process if the claimant is denied, a hearing and possibly an appeal to Franklin Circuit Court. The Retirement Systems has its own lawyers and contests these cases vigorously.  Having your own lawyer to help you navigate the system is extremely important if you become disabled and you have paid into a Kentucky Retirement Systems account.  I would be happy to lend my knowledge to help you understand the details of your claim to ensure the best outcome for yourself and your families financial future and I do not collect until you do.  Please fill out the form below or call 502-632-5288 for your free consultation.

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Kentucky Retirement System